“Ransomware shut down my entire business for a month.”

Small businesses are targeted in 60% of all cybersecurity attacks. 10% of victims never recover.

“I can’t afford a full-time IT staff."

Small businesses can actually get enterprise-grade cybersecurity on SMB budgets

“How can I empower employees to work remotely?”

In today’s uncertain world, employees need to be fully secure and productive working on any network from any location.

StreamPC’s Computing Platform is Different

A StreamPC subscription delivers apps, data, cybersecurity, OS updates, help desk support (and even the PC itself) as a low fixed-cost utility for small businesses.


holistic computing platform
holistic computing platform mobile

StreamPC Has Built the Computing Platform
That Understands Your Small Business Needs

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

You know ransomware, phishing, viruses, hacks and malware put your business at risk – but how can you protect employees from damaging themselves, your data and your company?

Turnkey Computing Solutions & Support

Your employees need fast and secure computers that are regularly updated, supported and well maintained. They also need proper access to applications, data and shared documents. How can this be done without an expensive IT staff and large hardware budgets?

Need to Evolve Securely

The new normal we all face today requires employees to be equally productive working in the office, their homes or a favorite coffee shop. How can you enable your team to work securely and productively on any Wi-Fi network while granting them easy access to sensitive company data?

How the StreamPC Computing Platform Works for You

StreamPC Was Created by IT Experts Specifically for Small Business

Your Business In Our Secure Platform

stream pc cloud computing
StreamPC delivers your comprehensive computing solution from our secure platform...

so each of your employees gets a high-performance, high-security computer, with all the applications (Microsoft Office suite included) and secure shared access to the data and documents you need as a fixed-price subscription service. You’ll never need to buy, license or maintain a laptop or PC again. StreamPC gives you a total computing solution for one all-in monthly fee per employee.

Easy Access with Free Secure Devices

stream pc computers
StreamPC ensures secure access to your computing, applications and documents with our free proprietary hardware devices...

Including laptops and all-in-one PCs that connect via our custom encrypted service – even over an untrusted, unsecure WiFi networks that makes you nervous. Our devices are plug-and-play ready. StreamPC devices never store the data or documents you can’t have compromised, lost or stolen. Your data is always safe and secure with us.

All-in Security and Support

Thanks to StreamPC’s innovative computing platform, we protect you against getting infected with...

Ransomware, viruses or malware. StreamPC Customers get world-class support from our USA-based staff to help with printing, password resets, backups, disaster recovery – or anything else you need to keep employees happy and productive. No IT staff? No problem, we’ve got your back.

Industry Solutions

Financial Services/Mortgage/Title

Complete out-of-the box cybersecurity and regulatory compliance to protect your company, your employees and your customers’ data.


Consistent high-performance computing environment with universal access to the tools professionals need anywhere and anytime.

Contact Centers

Save money while fully enabling call center agents to work at home or at rotating office locations.

StreamPC is Trusted by Companies Like Yours

White Tree Medical

“StreamPC is a must for professionals in the health care industry.   Serving and protecting our patients is our top priority, StreamPC helped us do that without compromising Patient Data and our HIPAA compliance”

– Mike Webb

Avanti Workspace

“StreamPC has had our Team Remote Working Capable for months, when this crisis hit, we were able to stay home, keep working without missing a beat.  Incredible Team, Great Support”

– Shauna Holley


“StreamPC got us up and running remote in days, gave us plug and play CloudLock Laptops so we didn’t have to buy any new devices.”

– Duy Nguyen

the benefits group

“Migrating to the Cloud was an intimidating for a company like ours without IT Staff.  StreamPC made it easy, supported us all the way and now we can work at home or in the office without compromising productivity or security – StreamPC has provided great leadership!”

– Dave Bommarito

Ballet West

“Thanks to StreamPC, our Team was ready to work Remote without compromising Security or incurring new costs!”

– Jack

boulder mountain lodge

“StreamPC has delivered for our business in rural Utah, the performance is excellent and we have been able to keep working securely without escalating costs!”

– David Mock

crown capital

“StreamPC gave us the Flexibility to send our team home to work remote without additional costs or compromising Security and Compliance – StreamPC’s Team put our success first and took great care of us!”

– Johnathan French

access data

“StreamPC allows me to work from home on the most sensitive data without compromising our Security or Compliance requirements – and they made it easy.”

– Steven Swenson

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