Yesterday’s Security Won’t Protect Your Business From Today’s Threats.

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New Laptops?

Enjoy FREE HARDWARE to Stream your PC for a low monthly cost and save more!

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Faster Computing?

When you Stream your PC with us, you’ll never be bogged down by viruses, unnecessary apps or software.

Worried About Cyber Security?

Your Data is safe, we protect you against Ransomware and if you lost your laptop? No need to worry!

Full-Time IT Is Expensive


Costs add up quickly and we know it’s hard for your business to keep up. If you have staff, cutting them can harm your business. Now there’s a better, more affordable option.

Ready to lower your IT costs?

60% of Small Businesses are
Targeted by Ransomware

The digital age has made companies more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks. A certain type of hacker can get into your system and hold your sensitive information hostage, demanding that you pay a fee to get it back.

Ready to say goodbye to Ransomware?

The Need To Work Remotely

• The look of the workplace is constantly evolving
• Your staff can be across the country or the globe
• Some of the best workers can only work from home

So how does StreamPC solve ALL of these problems?

Our cloud computing brings peace of mind in all aspects from security to finances.

Outsourced IT

• Expert quality care at only a fraction of the cost
• USA-based always accessible professionals
• Regular updates and maintenance

The Most Secure Cloud

• Your sensitive information is on our cloud, not your computer
• Trusted by the FBI, NSA and major banking/credit institutions
• Employees get high-performance, high-security computers

Fixed-Price Subscription

• Expert quality care at only a fraction of the cost
• USA-based always accessible professionals
• Regular updates and maintenance

The Same Security Trusted By

Major Banks

Credit Institutions

Three Letter Federal Agencies

Never Worry About Losing Your Work Laptop

Your Company’s Information Is Always Safe In Our Secure Cloud

Ask Us How To Get A Free Laptop

All-In Security & Assistance

With StreamPC’s innovative cloud computing platform, we easily protect you against getting infected with…

• Ransomware
• Viruses
• Malware

Our USA-based staff will help with…

• Printing
• Password resets
• Backups
• Disaster recovery
• Anything to help your staff

No IT staff? No problem, we’ve got your back.

Who We Love To Help

Financial / Mortgage / Title

Out-of-the box cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, protecting your company.

Legal / Accounting / Insurance

High performance and universal access to the tools professionals need anywhere, anytime.

Contact Centers

Enable call center agents to work at home or at rotating office locations and save money!

And It Only Gets Better

No Setup Charge

StreamPC does not charge anything for setup unlike other companies. Our low monthly fee covers it all!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our cloud computing brings peace of mind, but so does our money-back guarantee. We want you to feel good!

No Minimums

Well, the minimum is ONE user, but that doesn’t really count then, right? It’s just that easy to get you set up.

Built-In Support Team

Our USA-Based IT experts are accessible and ready to help whenever you need them.

Ready for faster, more secure and more affordable computing?

• Reach Out to StreamPC to schedule an appointment.

• We’ll work on a customized solution that fits best for your business.

• Our experts will get your staff FREE hardware and peace of mind with our secure cloud computing system

“StreamPC is a must for professionals in the health care industry. Serving and protecting our patients is our top priority, StreamPC helped us do that without compromising Patient Data and our HIPAA compliance”

Mike Webb

White Tree Medical

“StreamPC got us up and running remote in days, gave us plug and play CloudLock Laptops so we didn’t have to buy any new devices.”

Duy Nguyen

Invitrx Terapeutics

“StreamPC allows me to work from home on the most sensitive data without compromising our Security or Compliance requirements – and they made it easy.”

Steven Swenson

Access Data


What Does Stream PC Do?

StreamPC’s created a holistic cloud computing platform that auto provisions secure cloud-based Windows PC’s, Applications, Document Sharing & Storage for your Team. Then – with a subscription – we give each one of your employees one a free CloudLock Laptops that secures access to your StreamPC computers by an encrypted connection, eliminating the possibility of sensitive data or documents ever residing in their homes or on any local computing device. StreamPC’s propriety technology delivers the most-secure computing platform in the world, protects you against ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing, and other cyberattacks so you can focus on your core business. StreamPC eliminates the need for end user and end point management, freeing your business and IT staff to work on mission-critical value add projects.

Why would I want a StreamPC solution for my business?

With StreamPC your business will:

● Save money on total IT spend by reducing or eliminating local IT costs
● Never have to buy or maintain another desktop PC or laptop again
● Automatically be protected from hacks, viruses, malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks.
● Never worry about sensitive documents residing on an employee’s laptop or PC
● Gain access to previously unaffordable enterprise-grade security features
● Stop worrying about regulatory compliance (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.)
● Always have high-performing, updated, secure, and maintained PCs and IT infrastructure
● Enjoy higher employee productivity
● Gain greater business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities

What is StreamPC’s StreamWRX Platform?

The StreamWRX Platform is our proprietary software platform that is changing the distribution model for Computing, Apps, Data Security and technology in general. StreamWRX automates and simplifies the tasks associated with migrating our Customers Computing, Apps & Data resources to the Cloud. StreamWRX makes the future of computing, the very best of the Cloud available to everyone, everywhere.

What is a StreamPC Workstation?

A StreamPC Workstation looks and acts just like a familiar PC or laptop running Windows with the same access to websites, documents, and applications you’re used to. However, with StreamPC, your entire work computer runs inside of our secure cloud. This means you access and use your fully supported business computer anytime, anywhere from any mobile device because your Windows PC lives in the Cloud.

Can StreamPC help my employees work from home more easily?

Yes! StreamPC is the quickest way to securely enable remote work from any location on any network. Just give each employee a CloudLock device, or have them install the StreamPC app on their own Windows or macOS device – then they just need to log in to gain access to all of the applications, data and documents needed to do their jobs. Since all communication with StreamPC’s data center is encrypted you no longer have to worry about unsecured or compromised Wi-Fi networks at a home or coffee shop. Since no documents are ever stored on a local device, there’s no need to be concerned about sensitive documents being compromised if a device is lost or stolen.

Is support included?

Yes! With StreamPC, you’ll never need to pay extra for support. We manage your workspace for you, so you don’t waste time or money managing your own IT. Our support team is committed to your business. We’ve got you every step of the way because our CloudWRX Platform manages everything from your End Points to our Data Centers, so you don’t have to. Everything else that pops up is eagerly addressed by our Customer Help Desk.

Will you help my company migrate all users’ docs, email and data?

Yes. We are committed to your security and getting you up and running as quickly as possible. One of the features that makes our CloudWRX Platform stand out is that we will automate and manage the migration process for you with no up-front costs.

Do you have a 30-day money back guarantee?

Yes. We offer a full money back guarantee.

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