work different! 

Stream Your Business Computing to Protect You Against Today’s Cyberthreats and Save Money, No Matter Where or How You Work.

work different! 

Stream Your Business Computing to Protect You Against Today’s Cyberthreats and Save Money, No Matter Where or How You Work.

Industries we serve

We built SteamPC by solving Security and Compliance challenges for our Customers in healthcare, tax and financial services organizations.  Those industries were our foundation and where we perfected our craft. As time passed, the need for StreamPC Business Computing and expertise expanded our Customer base. Some realized they could no longer compromise on Security, others needed to address escalating compliance burdens imposed by federal and state laws. See below for the Industries we serve, where we are focusing now.

State and Local Government

Most local government agencies can’t keep up with all of their technology needs and requirements, leaving them frustrated, out of compliance and over budget.  StreamPC delivers peace of mind to our public servants, all the computing and IT resources they need for less.   Save money with StreamPC and stop wasting time worrying about IT and Data Compliance for good.

Financial Services & Private Businesses

The new Safeguards Rule or FINRA regulations stressing you out or causing IT costs to escalate out of control?  Work Different with StreamPC and get compliant, secure computing and data solutions for Financial Services, Mortgage Companies, Title and Insurance Agencies for less than you are paying now.  No more time wasted managing IT and computers and no more worries about documenting IT and Data compliance for your auditors.  Get back to what matters most, your Clients and the outcomes that matter to them.

Healthcare Organizations

If your healthcare organization is getting overwhelmed with HIPAA compliance and reporting obligations or worried about patient data security, StreamPC has you covered. StreamPC allows healthcare providers to focus on providing the very best care for their patients, without breaking the bank.   Spend less, never worry about IT, ransomware threats, viruses or HIPAA compliance ever again. Contact StreamPC for a technology check-up today.

Contact Centers & BPO’s

StreamPC came of age working with Contact Centers & BPO’s.  If your organization wants the industries shortest time to revenue and the most cost-effective CCaaS solution in the market, we can help.  Worried about compliance with HIPAA or IRS 1075  for your employees and contractors working remote?  Worry no more, we’ve got your covered.   StreamPC is the easiest, most cost-effective path to state and federal compliance for your Contact Center or BPO and it is ready now.

The problem

Personal Computers and Traditional IT Can No Longer Deliver the Security and Compliance Your Business Needs Now

Personal Computers just don’t work for business anymore. Old School laptops and desktops cost too much to manage and they can’t deliver the Security You need in today’s Cloud economy.  They leave your Data local and vulnerable, your business exposed to liability and your Users frustrated.

The Solution

Stream Your Business Computing with StreamPC.

Enterprise Grade Security, Compliance Documentation Included with Cost Savings Delivered Now.  Upgrade to StreamPC so you can stop wasting time and money on computers that expose your business to unnecessary risks and force you to overspend on IT.   Get peace of mind, reduced operating costs and more time for you and your team to focus on growing your Business.   

Let’s Upgrade Your Business Computing Today

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