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Our Team is Passionate about Securing and Protecting your business.


We are a group of technology professionals with decades of experience in computer security, data security, computer forensics and eDiscovery technologies, desktop and application virtualization and even high-performance Data Center technologies. Many businesses are seeing this great migration of all things computing to the Cloud, hearing about the incredible benefits of the Cloud but are simply unable to tackle the technical or financial obstacles leaving them behind. StreamPC was created to eliminate those obstacles. The Cloud has changed everything, including the way your computing will be distributed and supported. We created the StreamWRX™ Platform – our patented software platform designed to automate, manage and deliver your computing, applications and cloud technologies – to stream your PC’s, secure your applications and protect your business. A StreamPC Subscription makes true Security, Cloud Computing, Data and Applications available to everyone, everywhere for less than anyone thought possible. That is our Mission, our Purpose – making the very best Security, Computing and Cloud technologies available to everyone – evening the business playing field for the little guys like us.

We are eager to invest in the success of your business, every step of the way. We built StreamPC on Trust and this core value guides all aspects of our business. Our core values of integrity, excellence and mutual respect resonate throughout StreamPC and we built the StreamWRX™ Platform with those values in mind. We will strive daily to Stream the best PC computing experience in the world to protect and serve your business better. Period.

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