Outsourced IT Services

Cloud-based computing is growing more and more common every day. Essentially, cloud computing is a third party provider with their own collection of servers, equipment, and data centers to handle different functions. In fact, more than half of IT spending is cloud-based to third party providers now. Outsourcing your IT services has a multitude of advantages for you and your company. With that in mind, here is a look at 4 benefits of outsourced IT services.

Reduces Expenses

First off, outsourcing your IT needs will save you money. Most computing equipment only lasts three to five years. Add in frequent repairs and replacement alongside the cost of an in-house staff and you are looking at lots of money spent quickly just to stay somewhat stable. However, using cloud computing to an outsourced IT team means you share their servers that they handle and upkeep. 


Second, cloud computing opens up massive opportunities for increased flexibility.

A few examples are:

  • Remote access
  • Social media response rooms
  • Emergency response rooms
  • Access to devices and files from other locations

Better Customer Service

Cloud computing is not only great for your data and information. In fact, it is highly beneficial for your potential customers. Having your IT services outsourced means you can meet customer needs and questions quicker and easier. The software features previously unavailable to you because they were too much time and effort are now readily available. Essentially, this helps you stay competitive with your business.


Finally, security is of utmost importance. Simply put, you cannot get the security quality from in-house teams that you can with an outsourced IT third party. Ransomware, malware, and any and all cyber attacks are no longer a threat. You need a team of trained experts to have your back so you do not have to be constantly worrying about your company’s security, data, and information. 

The Most Secure Computing

StreamPC offers simple and secure computing, a staff of professionals, and no ransomware ever again. We help you navigate secure computing every step of the way to ensure your information is safe and your company continues to thrive.

Let us handle your IT needs so you can do what you do best: running your business as effectively as possible.

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